Even though rapid growth is something small business owners strive for, keeping up with increasing demand and expectations can bring about as much – or even more – stress as when things are slow. No one ever wants to risk falling behind and disappointing clients…but adding additional employees to the payroll  permanently can be premature.

What is an entrepreneur to do?
A possible solution? A Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are themselves entrepreneurs who exist to help other small business owners with administrative, technical and/or creative solutions from their own office/home. A VA’s assistance in anything from administrative support to web hosting or blog writing releases their clients to focus on revenue generating activities while the VA manages the rest.

Doesn’t that sound great?

The best part – you can hire a VA  project-by-project, thus relieving the stress that comes with hiring and laying off employees, providing workspace for an entire team, and outfitting  employees with costly things like technology and training. Alternatively, many entrepreneurs have opted to keep a VA on an ongoing basis to maintain things like bookkeeping and database management – ultimately finding it to be a cost-effective investment in their own work-life balance.

Where do you find a great VA? I’ve found a couple of online resources for you to begin your research and get connected:

  1. Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants – search through their member directory to find a suitable VA or post a job on their site using their RFP service
  2. Upworks – a hub for freelance employees, you can view available VAs and filter based on their location, hourly rate, experience and recommendations

Remember, one of the greatest things about Virtual Assistants is that they are just that – virtual. They can be located anywhere – your own town, province, country or anywhere around the world – and can help your business. Just be sure to check references and hire a VA with an excellent track record and verifiable training, much like you would if you were hiring someone in a traditional manner. The sites listed above will give you the tools you need to help with your due diligence.