Keeping with our theme, here are some specific tips that will help when trying to get a quote from a printer. As with most things in life – the more prepared you are before requesting the quote, the better.
Information that a printer must have to give an accurate quote includes:

The printer must know the size of  the document being printed to give an accurate estimate. Remember, you also need to disclose whether there is a bleed or not (a bleed is when the colour/image  goes to the edge of a document).
As a general rule, bleeds cost more.

Is your document black and white, 2-colour or full colour? This is must-have info for any printer. Also, they’ll need to know whether the item is single or double-sided.

Economies of scale dictate that the more you order, the less the cost is per unit. That being said, if you don’t need thousands of the item or if it has a specific shelf life, it’s often best to print only the amount you need.

This is something to discuss with both your designer and  the printer. Depending on what you are printing you may need a specific weight of stock, either a gloss or matte finish, and you’ll always want to consider stocks that use recycled paper. Your designer’s input and ideas, as well as an example of something you like, will be very helpful in determining the right paper stock. Remember, the printer wants you to be happy so any additional information you can give is greatly appreciated.

Type of Files
Ask your designer to explain the type of file they will be providing, as well as any unique fonts that they’ve used so that you can give the printer the most detailed information possible. It’s usually a good idea to have your designer use true type fonts – that way you are guaranteed that a printer has access to the correct font and will not have any trouble printing it.

As always, this is one of the most important factors of any marketing endeavour. Be honest with the printer about how much you would like to spend, no matter how ridiculous it sounds,  and they will be able to propose a solution that fits.

Finally, while a trend that has everyone doing their print jobs with online companies seems to be forming, don’t assume that they will always be the best deal. Many local print shops can offer great prices while providing all of the advantages of customized service and expert advice that internet companies just can’t compete with.