Watershed Marketing - Run for Southlake

Some of the Watershed Marketing Group Team after the big race!

One of the best things about living in a smaller community is the opportunity to give back to places and organizations that we actually use or interact with. On Sunday, May 1 some of the members of our team here at Watershed Marketing did just that by participating in the Run for Southlake Hospital located in Newmarket, Ontario.
While none of us are terribly experienced runners, we were pleased and honoured to be able contribute to a hospital that so wonderfully serves us and the members of our community. Personally, I visit there at least monthly with my 3-year old for speech therapy, and I cannot say enough about the service and care we receive there.

Participating in these types of events are a good reminder that while business is often about the bottom line, it is so important to take the time to use our own good fortune to benefit those around us. The most successful small businesses not only produce quality service or products within their community but they also let their success overflow to enhance other people’s quality of life.

And at the risk of cheapening the intention, being philanthropic is also good for your brand. Have a look at Project (Red) – a cooperative of the world’s biggest brands who agreed to donate 50% of their profits on unique items to HIV and AIDS programs around the world. Brands like Apple, the Gap, Nike and Starbucks believe that giving back is not only right – but it is also right for business.

I found a quote on another small business owner’s blog that sums up the idea of corporate giving:
“We didn’t do it for the brand building, sure that’s a nice benefit, we did it to feel good, and help our community. Because when your community succeeds, your business will succeed, especially if you are a part of that success process.”