I was having a conversation with my team last week about how our clients often struggle with finding their online voice, and how important that voice is in engaging one’s ideal client – or “tribe” – or “followers” – or any other name one might have for our audience.

As we discussed, dissected, and theorized (plenty of caffeine was flowing that day!), the conversation turned to the inevitable “what is a brand?” – and is the client’s perception and their experience the truth of what a brand is? Which led to all sorts of tangents, culminating with what is a business, really?

I truly believe that any company is a series of collaborations: between vendor and client, between colleagues, between media and consumer… essentially a series of collaborations between stakeholders. And that can be a very large dynamic.

Which led us full circle back to the original discussion around our online voice, and how do we effectively engage and collaborate.

There are a lot of opinions out there, I’ll admit… (some juicy discussion as well, caffeine-induced or not), and I found this particular article written by Brandon Evans (founder and CEO of Crowdtap) a great place to start.

Happy reading!