While you’re at the show you need to:

1. Walk around.
As a business person, the amount of information you can gather just by walking around is amazing. Take advantage of the opportunity to check out competitors, suppliers, clients, and even other interesting businesses (especially the well-marketed ones!) to get ideas for next time.

2. Meet the press.
Seek out the publication that will invariably be represented at the show and invite them to a follow-up meeting or offer an article for editorial. The media need qualified content for the publications and making yourself available is a great idea.

3. Stand up.
Have you been to a show and observed salespeople in a booth sitting down and chatting among themselves? It is not engaging or inviting. Body language is more than 70% of communication so remember to stand and smile. nothing draws people in more than eye contact and a genuine smile.

4. Have fun!
You’ve done all the hard work, … now enjoy the fruits of your labour!