You’re at the show – What do you do?

The people working your booth are critical – so make sure that they are appropriately trained and dressed. Engaging, qualifying and disengaging visitors effectively are the key elements that make up the leads generated. Ensure your staff knows how to do these things well (or let us train them!).

Create easily completed lead forms for staff to handle the information they’ve gathered – and if you are doing this alone make sure you’ve got at least on person who can relieve you or you’ll risk burning out.

Be prepared. Bring a show kit that holds all of the little things you may need – it should include basic office supplies, extra business cards, a lint brush, garbage bags, tape, travel sewing kit, extra batteries, and a flashlight.

Finally, in your budgeting for the show add another 10-30% for the “little stuff” like electrical supply, cleaning, flowers, rental of lead generation machines, purchase of the visitor registration database, parking, meals, etc. Whenever possible make the investment to add extra-thick underpad to the carpeting you stand on. The extra support will pay off!